Patitiri Tavernas and Restaurants

Patitiri Tavernas and Restaurants (alphabetically)


Akrogiali – On the waterfront of Patitiri overlooking the town beach – mostly fish and seafood but also traditional Greek cuisine – Good English spoken.

Akti Taverna – On the waterfront of Patitiri overlooking the town beach – traditional Greek cuisine – limited English spoken.

Alonissos Cafe – On the waterfront of Patitiri – pasta, pizza and grilled meat – excellent people watching spot – Excellent English spoken.

Archipelagos – On the waterfront of Patitiri – first taverna heading towards the town beach – mostly seafood – specialties are “mezedes” and tsipouro – Good English spoken.

Babis – On the way up to the Old Town by road, after the first sharp turn on your left hand side – specialty is local recipes including many types of “pies”, goat and rabbit                           Excellent English spoken.

Edem – End of the port in a quiet location above the ferry jetty – traditional Greek cuisine and fish – huge terrace overlooking the sea, great sea views, fabulous surroundings –                Excellent English spoken.

Flisvos – On the waterfront of Patitiri – taverna is right next to Albedo Travel and serves across the road next to the water – traditional home cooked Greek dishes – Good English spoken.

Ostria – On the waterfront next to the Archipelagos.  Restaurant with International and Greek cuisine.  Excellent service and unique dishes.  Excellent English spoken (as well as several other languages)

Pleiades –  Above the harbour and up the steps around the corner from Albedo Travel.  Small selection of dishes with international flair.  Excellent English spoken.

To Kamaki – A few doors passed the National Bank as you go up the road – Traditional ouzeri with a wide assortment of “mezedes” – Good English spoken.


Patitiri Tavernas and Restaurants

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