Alonissos Scuba Diving


Alonissos Scuba Diving

Alonissos is a new scuba diving destination in Greece  following the lift of government restrictions.

The great advantage of this Greek island scuba diving destination is that the whole area has been declared a National Marine Park since 1992. Therefore this marine ecosystem is one of the most preserved in the Med which provides an excellent opportunity for diving into crystal clear waters of significant importance to our European and world heritage.

The amazing crystal visibility of the Marine Park waters will allow divers to see sponges, corals, lumper eels, blackfish, sea beams, scorpion fish, multi-coloured stripey fish, amphorae shards, caves and shipwrecks.

The area of the Marine Park is an important habitat for many species of fish (about 300).  The Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus), the red coral (Coralium rubrum) and many benthic and fish species.

It is anticipated that the many spectacular dive sites will soon make this Greek island one of the top European scuba diving destination.

Both the certified sport divers and beginners keen to learn and acquire their first certified diving diploma can do so while holidaying on the beautiful island of Alonissos.  Check out the Alonissos Dive Center for more information on courses.

Albedo Travel, the local travel specialist can organize all your travel arrangements together with your custom diving program.