Night Life

Alonissos has a lively nightlife even though it is a small island.  It’s not, however, the type of nightlife that is found on other islands.  There are no discoteques or long bar strips with loud music…. there are plenty of little bars though!!!

The main feature of Alonissos night life is the ambiance.  The port has a number of little bars playing a combination of international and Greek hits – serving tasty cocktails and drinks – all in cozy surroundings!!  The bars in the Old Town are characteristic of their “live music” programs…. usually Greek music… but during the summer there are guest musicians putting in an appearance!!!

In the last couple of years, several bars have opened up on the beaches that host guest DJ’s during the summer.  These bars are quite classy and of course the surrounding are picture perfect!!  What better way to enjoy your drink than under the moonlight and right next to the lapping waves!!