Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is a gentle hands-on teaching that increases our conscious awareness of the self in relationship to the outside world. By recognising the habitual patterns that we have built up over the years and by re-establishing the psycho-physical unity, the work helps us develop our natural poise and well being.
Alexander Technique lowers stress levels, and is helpful for back pain, neck and shoulder tensions and poor posture. It improves attention, restores our self confidence and vitality. Musicians, dancers and actors use it in the pursuit of excellence in performance. Individual lessons usually last about 45 minutes. After a lesson at the very least you are likely to feel more relaxed, a little taller, a little lighter and more in touch with the world.
Penny will be teaching 4 weekly group workshops between June and September in the Old Village and courses of individual lessons to suit your individual needs and can fit in with your holiday on Alonissos.
Lessons cost €35 each or €315 for ten. More information on or email Penny on to book your lessons