Academy of Homeopathy

The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (I.A.C.H.) (,, is located in Alonissos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. It is the only institution in the world dedicated exclusively to the teaching of Homeopathic Medicine.
The aim of the I.A.C.H. is the education of medical students, medical doctors and other health practitioners in order to become classical homeopaths, according to the principles of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

George Vithoulkas established the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in 1995, where he serves as Head of Educational Department (Educator). In this Academy, George Vithoulkas gives over the knowledge gleaned from his 50 years of his experience and teaches his most current theories regarding Levels of Health. In his teachings, he provides detailed information that both helps doctors determine each patient’s state of health, as well as facilitates their ability to estimate whether a case is curable with homeopathy and the amount of time and remedies that will be needed to accomplish a cure.
Every year, during the summer months, groups of doctors from various countries gather to be trained at the Academy. They come from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Russia, the U.S.A., Canada, Austria, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, Greece etc.
9.000 medical doctors and homeopathic practitioners from 32 countries have been trained in International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.


In 1996, George Vithoulkas was awarded with the Alternative Nobel Prize (one of the most valid awards worldwide as described by the United Nations) for his contribution in the field of Homeopathy. In the award statement the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy is mentioned as the place where the science of classical homeopathy is taught and promoted.

One of the main purposes of the Academy is to collect and organize the bulk of the teaching material that has been taught by George Vithoulkas over a period of 50 years. The major part of the teachings has been video recorded (approx. 5.000 hours of teaching).